Welcome all English speaking viewers!

I can see the English viersion of our website is intensely visited. I am sorry to say that for the time being we do not have time to publish in both languages. It is our greatest dream to do so but as you know we do everything for the website ourselves and at the same time we have families, work, ond other duties. For now please enjoy the photos of our adventures in the Polish version of the website (we reccommend Finland, China and Norway trips especially). For those who wish to read the accounts and stories please use Google Translator for now - the language of the publications is not difficult and you should get a rougly correct translation. Please be understanding and I hope the things you see and read here will inspire you to reach new horizons every day! Cheers! Andrew Contact me at Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. with anything, I will be happy to respond.

How it all started

Our story began when we were still students, not so long ago in fact – in 2013. It was one of these days, we were sitting idly in the living room thinking about nothing when Matthew had an idea. At that time Matthew didn’t have his own bicycle but there was an old rickety bicycle in the basement. So without thinking more into it I took my Author bicycle and Matthew took the old bike and we went on a 150 km two day trip into the countryside. The trip was absolutely spontaneous: we made it as low cost as possible, we slept in a hunters’ cabin, we ate the not-so-well roasted meat ,and were cold and soaking wet when we returned. Matthew’s bicycle did not survive Somehow though the trip was inspirational to us, so inspirational in fact that soon after we decided we wanted more experiences like this. We said to one another: “Why not cycle to, let’s say, New Zealand in the future? I’ll bet no one has ever done this before, it’s such a feat!” Alas! As it soon turned out many people had already done the things we were only dreaming about: THIS guy cycled all the way from Norway to the Republic of South Africa, THESE people are cycling around the world at the moment, and THIS guy attempted to cycle from Poland to Sydney. WOW!!! It is incredible what people are capable of. There are more similarly heroic people just google names like: Mark Beaumont, Kazimierz Nowak, Alastair Humphreys, Somen Debnath or Peter Gostelow. Here you will find an article compiling all the names.

After this not so perfect but fantastic adventure we decided to set up a website were we would be describing our adventures: overhorizons.com

What is Over Horizons?

Overhorizons.com is nothing more than our website. Initially named Cycle over Horizons the website was to contain only information about our bicycle adventures and the name referred to the idea that cycling takes us beyond many horizons every day, every kilometer, every bend, every revolution of the crank , it takes us to new vistas, new people and new experiences.

Recently we decided to expand the project: the content on the website will no longer be limited only to cycling, but will also include other forms of travelling and all sorts of initiatives aimed at promoting good ideas and creative and brave thinking. In short we will try to reach horizons of our dreams.

What now?

We have already been on several cycling expeditions: locally and abroad (Zosin, Wlodawa, Ukraine-Slovakia)., Andrew has also visited some countries on his own. The result of his travels are two travel blogs: about Finland and China. In the future we would like to go on a (bicycle) trip around the world

We believe that it is pointless to carefully plan the future. During our adventures we only set the destination point, we leave the rest to luck and coincidence. We trust that the fewer plans we have got the better the experiences as the best things that have happened to us have always been unexpected. Most people think that life is about finding a good steady job and working until the age of 70 (then probably dying soon after…). It is a good life a peaceful life we do not deny that but for us life needs to more than the repetitive and mundane home-work-home-work routine. Life is not about trying to follow the mainstream it is about living the way we want it – freely.

On the website, apart of course from the travel sections, you will also find descriptions of our mechanical and electronics projects (recumbent bicycle, bicycle lights controller, CNC milling cutter etc.) so basically everything we think has some value and we want to share with you.

Time for you!

If you have got an interesting and exciting travel story to tell, maybe you have got an interesting idea you want to share, do not hesitate mail: Andrzej Strzałka or any member of Over Horizons project team. More info in the CONTACT in footer section. If not please visit this website once in a while, maybe you will find some inspiration for yourself here.

Sincerly yours,

Over Horizons team